Covid-19 Policy

Our aim is to support you in creating beautiful work in a healthy, collaborative, inclusive, fun-filled and respectful studio space. As a result of the Government’s directives, we have to adopt strict guidelines in order for the studio to be a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to use. We have to have particular respect for more vulnerable students, and also the Teachers, who spend much more time in the studio than each student.

As a courtesy to other students, we kindly ask that if you are unvaccinated you should take a Lateral Flow Test before each attendance at the studio. You can obtain free lateral flow test kits by clicking here or from many chemists:

Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted these Guidelines before you book a class, workshop or course:

  • Symptoms – Please do not come to a class if you show any of the Covid-19 Symptoms or someone in your household is positive. Regrettably, any missed time cannot be made up.
  • Hands – Please wash or sanitise your hands on arrival at the studio, and regularly during the class. Feel free to bring your own sanitiser and gloves if you wish. Sanitiser is provided at various points within the studio.
  • Face Coverings – We ask that you wear a face covering at all times when moving around the studio. If you wish to work without a face covering, then you can work outside the studio  on an outside table, weather permitting. You may also work without a face covering at your own table position inside as long as you are socially distanced from other students and teachers.
  • Distancing – Please keep 1m away from other students at all times, and 2m when possible. Please take particular care when using the sinks and the toilet/entrance.
  • Tools – In most cases, you will need to bring your own toolkit and use only your own tools. More details will be provided for each class. All shared items such as boards, rolling pins, glaze pots and buckets, tables and wheels will be regularly cleaned and sprayed between each class.
  • Drinks – Tea and coffee making facilities are provided. We do supply mugs, but please feel free to bring your own mug if you feel safer doing so. Please don’t bring in any shared food such as cakes
  • The Student Hub – There is a limit of 5 people upstairs in the hub and please don’t brush past each other on the staircase
  • Aprons – Please bring your own apron if possible.

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit stern but these measures have to be taken for everyone’s benefit, and also to avoid the studio being closed down if one of us contracts Covid-19.


If you are returning from a country on the government’s restrictions list please adhere to government guidelines before returning to the studio.

Test and Trace

If you get a positive test, “NHS Test and Trace” will contact you and ask you to share information about any close contacts you had just before or after you developed symptoms.

They will ask you:

  • if you have family members or other household members living with you. In line with the medical advice they must remain in self-isolation for the rest of the 14-day period from when your symptoms began.
  • if you have had any close contact with anyone other than members of your household. We are interested in in the 48 hours before you developed symptoms and the time since you developed symptoms. Close contact means:
  1. having face-to-face contact with someone (less than 1 metre away)
  2. spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone
  3. travelling in a car or other small vehicle with someone (even on a short journey) or close to them on a plane
  • if you work in – or have recently visited – a setting with other people (for example, a GP surgery, a school or a workplace)

They will ask you to provide, where possible, the names and contact details (for example, email address, telephone number) for the people you have had close contact with.

Based on the information you provide, they will assess whether they need to alert your contacts and ask them to self-isolate.

Obviously if we adhere to The Clay Studio’s guidelines we won’t fall under the conditions of points 1 and 2 above. You will only have to report that you have attended The Clay Studio.

Please read the Government’s full detailed guidance HERE


Comments from some of our students….

“Eunice and all of The Clay Studio staff have the highest regard for Covid 19 safety measures. They were early adopters of masks, social distancing and hygiene procedures and manage the ongoing challenges calmly and sensibly. Guidance is provided on working safely whilst promoting a creative, friendly atmosphere and environment. I have every confidence that all steps are being taken to keep everyone safe.” – Tessa

“So nice to be back in the studio over the summer months – it felt very airy with the large back door being open providing plenty of fresh air. There were only 8 of us on the course so there was plenty of room to have our own area to work in. Rules were explained well at the beginning of each session so we all felt very safe – well done to the Clay Studio for adapting the space so well to incorporate the Covid safety guidelines so that courses can continue. A much needed creative space away from the worries of the outside world.” – Rachel

“I was so pleased to be able to return to the Clay Studio after lockdown earlier this summer. The logistics are a little different, but the new Covid-19 safety measures now in place are clear, comprehensive and reassuring. Spending time at the Clay Studio makes me feel a step closer to normal life.” – Ingrid

“It was such bliss to be able to return to pottery classes at the Clay Studio in such a safe environment after a compulsory break of several months. Eunice and her team have put in a lot of time, thought and effort into making us all to feel incredibly safe and secure from Covid and therefore totally relaxed to allow our creative juices to flow freely!!” – B

“If you’re thinking of embarking on a course at The Clay Studio, though you’re feeling concerned about Covid 19, then be assured that safety measures are of the highest standard – and are closely adhered to at all times! This is a lovely, creative, nurturing space – and a reassuring place to be. Thank you to Eunice and her team for their expert diligence and care.” – Sue

“I attended both summer session and felt very safe there were only 8 present and we were very socially distanced. We wore masks, or a visor, which suited me best, as did the teachers which was great for those who lip read, due to deafness, like myself. Both Eunice and her team, Helen and Sussanne, we’re great in telling us the ropes re the measures that were put in place, before the summer sessions started, and reminded us when necessary.” – Linda