Covid-19 Policy

April 2022 – These guidelines are now suspended, hopefully forever!

Our aim is to support you in creating beautiful work in a healthy, collaborative, inclusive, fun-filled and respectful studio space. As a result of the Government’s directives, we have to adopt these guidelines in order for the studio to be a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to use. We have to have particular respect for more vulnerable students, and also the Teachers, who spend much more time in the studio than each student.

Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted these Guidelines before you book a class, workshop or course:

  • Symptoms – Please do not come to a class if you show any of the Covid-19 Symptoms or someone in your household is positive.
  • Hands – Please wash or sanitise your hands on arrival at the studio, and regularly during the class. Feel free to bring your own sanitiser and gloves if you wish. Sanitiser is provided at various points within the studio.
  • Face Coverings – Mask wearing is now a matter of personal choice. However, we realise that some students are more vulnerable than others and will continue to wear a mask, so we request that we all take collective responsibility for being considerate towards all students in terms of distancing or putting on a mask when near them when asked. Perhaps have a mask available if needed or be prepared to move.
  • Distancing – Please keep 1m away from other students at all times, and 2m when possible. Please take particular care when using the sinks and the toilet/entrance.
  • Tools – In most cases, you will need to bring your own toolkit and use only your own tools. More details will be provided for each class. All shared items such as boards, rolling pins, glaze pots and buckets, tables and wheels will be regularly cleaned and sprayed between each class.
  • Drinks – Tea and coffee making facilities are provided. We do supply mugs, but please feel free to bring your own mug if you feel safer doing so. Please don’t bring in any shared food such as cakes.
  • The Student Hub – There is a limit of 5 people upstairs in the hub and please don’t brush past each other on the staircase
  • Aprons – Please bring your own apron if possible.

It goes without saying, but if any student feels unwell, has a cough, cold, runny nose, or covid symptoms, etc. a reminder that we request that you don’t come in and risk giving it to other students. Regrettably, any missed time cannot be made up. Thank you.