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The Clay Studio runs a scheme for potters who wish to come to the studio to Make, but without having to be a part of a class with a teacher present.

The studio opens for Makers from 9am-4:30pm on a Friday. You may drop in whenever you want during these periods for the hours per week you have purchased to pot.

There is always a technician present during these hours who can give advice on finding and using equipment, and on the best way to approach the item(s) you are making.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside other potters, having fun and learning from each other in a beautiful creative space.

Makers should have previous pottery experience, be able to work independently and feel comfortable with the following:

  • be clear of your direction and aims, and to be able to work on a project on your own.
  • know all stages of the pottery process e.g., where and when to apply decoration  and glaze.
  • understand the use and limitations of all materials and equipment within the studio.
  • keep your working area clean and tidy and leave the studio as you found it.

You could, for example, be:

  • an established student at The Clay Studio who wants to switch from the taught class format.
  • an established student at The Clay Studio who wants to top up their hours at the studio on top of the weekly class they love.
  • an experienced potter new to the studio who wants to work in a creative space, sharing ideas, alongside other potters.

Makers should buy their clay from the Clay Studio and we will give you an allocated place to store your clay. You will be responsible for recycling your own clay with facilities and guidance provided. This ensures that you minimise waste at all stages – this is better for you financially, better for the studio, and better for the environment.

In addition to clay charges, we also make a fair charge for glazes and firing. The vitrification of clay in the kilns is an irreversible process. It is wasteful to fire items if you have no use for them, both in terms of energy and materials. We ask that you only fire items that you want to keep.

As a Clay Studio Maker:

  • you are expected to know how to use the studio safely. We will provide a health and safety induction before you begin.
  • you are able to make up any missed time during other weeks.

You are able to purchase a 4 hrs/week Maker’s package costing £490. These weekly hours are “on average”, so you can for example miss two weeks and then do some long days later to make up your hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Maker at The Clay Studio please speak to Eunice on 07713570493 for advice before booking. Thank you.


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