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Choose between “Beginners” or “Improve Your Technique”

Beginners – Friday 22nd July 9am – 12 noon, led by Ellie Nash £85: WAITING LIST

Beginners – Monday 25th July 9am – 12 noon, led by Ellie Nash £85: BOOK HERE

Beginners – Saturday 30th July 9am – 12 noon, led by Susana Garcia £85: WAITING LIST

Beginners – Saturday 30th July 2pm – 5pm, led by Susana Garcia £85: WAITING LIST


Improve your Technique – Friday 22nd July 2pm – 5pm, led by Ellie Nash £85: BOOK HERE

Improve your Technique – Monday 25th July 2pm – 5pm, led by Ellie Nash £85: BOOK HERE

These 3-hour throwing workshops are for those who wish to brush up their skills on the potter’s wheel, or for complete beginners who can come along and try the potter’s wheel for the first time.

These throwing workshops provide a great opportunity for a “Taster Session” if you are contemplating joining a class. There is nothing like a full hands-on experience, working within a group of like-minded people, and getting a good feel for the facilities, energy and atmosphere of the studio.

Throwing workshops are open only to adults (16+), with a maximum of 9 attendees. Drinks and refreshments included.

You can keep a maximum of two pots. We will recycle any other pots you have made.  The pots you keep will be glazed for you and you can pick them up a few weeks later.  This is included in the price. For current students at The Clay Studio, you can choose how many pots to keep, with the rest being recycled, and you can turn and glaze these retained pots in your weekly class.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a regular weekly class please click HERE

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