Akiko Hirai Show

Akiko Hirai has a preview of her show “Onomatopoeia” on Wednesday 17th October 6 – 8pm at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, at 63 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 3BF.

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre is opposite the British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury. Internationally renowned artist Akiko Hirai’s incredible fusion of Japanese and British ceramics connects the physicality of ceramic material with human emotions and behaviours, balancing perfection with imperfection and finding the beauty in both.

The show is open from 18th October till 10th November. The exhibition will showcase new work by Akiko. Her wide range of work encompasses large jars down to domestic ware from both Japanese and British ceramic traditions.

More details here: http://cpaceramics.com/ccc/futureex