When you can come in for your items

Courses and Workshops Pickups

As soon as you see READY against the course or workshop you attended you can come in to pick up the item(s) that you made. Please come in as soon as possible then please. Many thanks.

We follow local school term dates, and are open on school days for pickup:

  • Monday – Friday 9:30am to 3:30pm
  • Monday – Thursday 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Please note that due to a lack of storage space, if your pieces aren’t picked up after 3 month we will assume they are unwanted and they will be disposed of.  Please note that all workshops/courses from before Easter 2024 are ready for pickup.


READY 07/01-11/02/24 am Handbuilding for Beginners
READY 12/01-09/02/24 pm Throwing for Beginners
READY 23/02-22/03/24 pm Throwing for Improvers
READY 25/02-24/03/24 am Introduction to Animal Sculpting
READY 19/04-17/05/24 pm Throwing for Beginners
READY 21/04-19/05/24 am Intermediate Handbuilding
07/06-05/07/24 pm Porcelain Throwing
READY 13/04/2024 am Throwing
READY 13/04/2024 pm Throwing
READY 20/04/2024 am Throwing
READY 20/04/2024 pm Throwing
READY 27/04/2024 am Mug Making & Decorating
READY 27/04/2024 pm Mug Making & Decorating
READY 04/05/2024 am Throwing
READY 04/05/2024 am Nerikomi
READY 11/05/2024 am Throwing
READY 18/05/2024 am Throwing
READY 18/05/2024 pm Throwing
READY 18/05/2024 day Animals Unearthed
READY 25/05/2024 am Throwing
READY 25/05/2024 pm Throwing
READY 15/06/2024 am Pottery Taster
READY 15/06/2024 pm Kurinuki
READY 22/06/2024 am Throwing
READY 29/06/2024 am Pinching with Porcelain
READY 29/06/2024 am Throwing
READY 29/06/2024 pm Throwing
06/07/2024 pm Exploring Design on Clay
13/07/2024 am Throwing
13/07/2024 pm Throwing