Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions below, if your question is not answered please email us at info@theclay.studio

Do I need to bring any equipment?

No. Everything is provided and included in the class fee. Many students have bought their own toolkits though.

Is coffee provided?

Yes, this is included within the class fee, as well as tea, herb teas and often biscuits. Students often bring in home baked cakes from time to time to share with the group.

Am I likely to make friends?

Definitely! Many of the classes have started with students now knowing each other, and have formed into closely bonded units, with social events being organised outside of the pottery classes.

Do you take complete beginners?

Yes, we welcome people of every possible standard and level of experience in every class.

I am 90 years old. Will I fit it?

Yes, our oldest student is 96 and we have many older people attending who find the pottery class becomes the highlight of their week. Equally, we have students of all possible ages from their mid-20s upwards and everyone seems to get on well, sharing a common interest.

Am I expected to clear up at the end of the class?

Yes, we start to clear up with about 15 minutes to go and ask for a community-minded team effort to help prepare the studio for the next class, with an attitude of “leave it as you would like to find it”.

Can I pay in instalments?

Normally a full term is paid in advance. However, we are flexible and are happy to make concessions. Please talk to Eunice if you will struggle to pay for the term in advance and to agree a special arrangement.

If I have to miss a class can I join another class?

Because the classes are so full we are unable to offer swaps between classes, expect in emergency situations such as serious illnesses, accidents and funerals. These are difficult to foresee and understandably require adjustment – we will try to find an alternative, but can’t guarantee it. However, we’re afraid that social events, holidays, child-related activities, lunches, etc. cannot be catered for.

Do I have to arrive on time and be there for the full three hours?

No. Each class lasts three hours, but students are free to come and go within that three hour period. Please don’t come into the studio early.

What should I wear?

From the safety point of view, please wear closed shoes (no flip flops). Please wear comfortable casual clothes and bring an apron.

Can I come with a friend?

If may be possible to bring a friend along for a paid “taster session”. Please ask a member of staff if this is possible at least two days before the class.

Would it be possible to bring my child or baby along?

In certain situations this may be possible. Please ask a member of staff if this is possible at least one day before the class.

Is there free parking?

Yes, there is free parking available.

I am disabled - can I still come to pottery classes?

It really depends on the level and type of disability.  We try to accommodate where possible, but this isn’t always possible. Please phone Eunice to discuss before booking.

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