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Private Tuition

We’re afraid we are not able to offer Private Tuition at the moment. We are focused on our weekly classes and weekend workshops. Please click HERE to review alternatives.

Private tuition is available if you would like to learn or perfect your skills. We offer a full range of pottery tuition. Here are two examples:


Under the guidance of one skilled teachers, discover handbuilding, which is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. Handbuilding techniques which you could experience are pinching, coiling, and slabbuilding. This is often the best place to start with pottery, getting to grip with the basics of working with clay, whilst also having fun and making something functional.


With the guidance of Helen or Eunice, enjoy creating 3D animals and figures using different sculpting techniques. Work with mixed media and various clays to create a masterpiece!


Have fun learning a new skill on the potters’ wheel, or improving your technique, with clay, throwing vessels with increased confidence and enjoyment. In just a few hours with careful, personal guidance create fabulous exciting shapes and forms before your very eyes. Using modern and quality wheels, tools and materials find your creative way with clay throwing, vessels with confidence and fun.

Duration and Pricing:

These sessions last for a minimum of 2-3 hours and they can last for a mutually agreeable longer period.

  • For “one to one” teaching, the rate is £50 per hour.
  • For a group of two the rate drops to £45 per person per hour.
  • For a group of three the rate drops to £40 per person per hour.
  • For a group of four (the maximum) the rate drops to £35 per person per hour.

Private tuition normally takes place on a Friday or Saturday, but this can be varied, particularly during school holidays when we have much more flexibility.

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