I highly recommend The Clay Studio. Eunice, Susana, Helen and Lara are all wonderful teachers. The patience and care they have shown me as I’ve worked on various projects (with the clay and in life!) has been truly appreciated. They encourage gently and motivate me to leave my comfort zone behind. I’ve been thrilled with the pieces I’ve created. Highlights for me are the raku workshops and throwing – challenging but such fun. I hope this amazing little business continues to create and grow from strength to strength. Thank you all so much.


We had struggled a bit with what we should get each other for our 20th wedding anniversary until my wife came up with the unique idea of buying each other a pottery throwing lesson.

We researched and were delighted to find one quite close by near Groombridge. I have to say it was a stroke of genius by my wife because we absolutely loved it and can’t wait to pick up our glazed pots as mementoes of the day. The setting is lovely and the class is a fantastic introduction.

Massive thanks to Susana for her patient and expert tuition. We had expected to spend out time giggling at our pathetic attempts and humming a certain tune from Ghost but far from it and we could hardly bear to leave the potters wheel when the time came.

Highly recommend The Clay Studio to anyone, not just those celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Tim and Janet

I just wanted to say what an amazing day I had today at Throwing Practice, with Susana! It was fantastic.

After an introduction and some inspiration, we established what we each wanted to achieve by the end of the day. I wanted to develop my skill in throwing wide shallow bowls and, after some false starts, Susana gave some expert input which made all the difference to my technique so that I managed to throw four by the end. (I hoped only to make one!). The warm sunshine outside meant that by the afternoon I could turn each one. I definitely achieved my aim today and made progress.

Susana was an absolutely brilliant teacher and gave us each what we needed to move forward. I loved it. So, thank you for providing such a fabulous opportunity, and a huge thank you to Susana. She must be exhausted – she worked so hard for us all.


I started as a complete novice but have gone onto produce some really great pieces of pottery. Friends have oohed and ahhed about them and in some cases in disbelief I had actually done them! The teaching is second to none and the facilities are excellent. I have learnt a wonderful new skill. Most highly recommended!


I have learnt so much in a short amount of time. All the teachers are extremely helpful and motivating. I crave my Monday mornings. Just can’t get enough!


I love my Thursday evenings at The Clay Studio, and really look forward to it each week. The studio space is really well-thought out and equipped and there are great glaze and slip colours to choose from. Everyone is friendly and it has a relaxed atmosphere. You can go at your own pace, try the projects offered each term and get plenty of inspiration from all the wonderful pieces on display around the studio. Thoroughly recommended.


I am just starting my third year at The Clay Studio and I wouldn’t miss my Thursday morning class for anything. It is a wonderful place to let your creativity take flight with the steadying hands and guidance of the ever present friendly professional potters to teach, advise and encourage. With this very well equipped studio and the friendly and creative atmosphere I cannot recommend The Clay Studio more highly to both beginners and more experienced potters.


So good! The studio is incredibly well stocked with everything possible to create your pottery. But almost more important, the atmosphere and quality of the teaching is what makes the studio exceptional. From a complete novice I have found the freedom to be far more creative than I would ever have thought possible!


A wonderful environment to be creative . The studio is always filled with inspiring pictures and work that sparks another idea for me. The tutors are unfailingly supportive and patient.
The studio is very well equipped and there are so many different techniques to try out. I look forward to the class as a highlight of my week. The setting of the studio amongst the countryside is calming and beautiful.


The Clay Studio is a fantastic, friendly, and very creative environment. Well equipped, with lovely tutors who stop at nothing in helping you, and giving you advice and guidance whenever needed. This is a really wonderful place, with very knowledgeable tutors who are meticulous in attending to each potter and the work produced. They seem to have the gift of understanding all the ‘pupils’, and are a real joy to spend time with.


This is the best pottery I’ve ever been to. There is a much or as little guidance as you would like to have …if you prefer to work on your own projects ,you can ,but if you’d like teaching that is also available. New ideas are given each term and we are then encouraged to personalise and develop those in our own work. There is a very friendly ,sociable atmosphere with drinks and often snacks offered , but if you prefer to work quietly on your own ,that is OK too . I can’t recommend The Clay Studio highly enough . It is a sanity saver at the end of a busy day and I always leave the class feeling that the world is a nicer place than when i arrived!


I love classes at the Clay Studio. Monday mornings are my favourite time of the week – what could be better than feeling inspired with like-minded, friendly people in a beautiful setting? The tutors are knowledgeable and always have time for you.


This is a beautiful, well equipped studio. The teaching is excellent. I am thoroughly enjoying this course.


I am really enjoying my 2nd term at The Clay Studio. There is a theme each term but it is loose enough to allow everyone to be creative in their own way – using the wheel or hand building, using different clays & experimenting with different glazing techniques. The teachers are always on hand to give advice and encouragement. It is fabulous seeing how talented & creative people are – the atmosphere is friendly & relaxed & never prescriptive or intimidating.


My big treat of the week is my weekly afternoon class at The Clay Studio. After almost a term I have learned a massive amount already – and am undertaking a very large coil pot as my first big project already. I have made slab pots, thumb pots, slipped and glazed. The knowledge, gentle nudging and humour of the teaching team is fabulous. I have just booked onto one of their specific throwing weekend workshops too and am very excited about trying another new technique. I feel I am in expert hands and am loving every minute!


These classes have brought a creative side out of me that I never knew I had. I look forward to my lessons every week mostly down to the beautiful studio that I get to work in and the amazing teachers that are Eunice, Helen and Susana who are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do encouraging you even when you think something has gone wrong! I’ve been doing these classes for over a year now and I can’t see me ever stopping. It’s my weekly therapy!


My reason for doing pottery: discovering a new dimension to my world of craft. I am a dabbler of many crafts and find it all very rewarding. (Never done before) I started at the beginning of The Clay Studio and have nothing but praise for the amenities. The teachers, Eunice, Helen and Susana, whom make it fun and are themselves very creative.


I found the small animal sculpture half-day workshop, my first experience in this area of ceramics, inspiring with friendly, positive, encouraging and professional tuition.  We were asked to prepare in advance by deciding on a subject and bringing a range of photographs to aid our work. On the day, Helen’s instructions were very clear: our task was to quickly create a maquette of our subject to understand how we might shape our sculpture and to appreciate the challenges we might encounter in the final version. Helen worked on her own sculpture alongside us, narrating the process and also being quite self critical; this was very reassuring for me. Our full size sculpture was a more complex process, but we were able to make improvements to our maquette ideas. Helen’s very clear instructions for this were given step by step so that we could follow easily. She was always happy to give help when we needed it. I felt at the start that it would be a real challenge for me, as a beginner, to complete two sculptures within the timeframe, learning new techniques, but in fact the time limitations meant that we all worked quickly and decisively. I had a great sense of achievement when I had completed both pieces of work.Helen has kindly offered to ensure that the sculptures are bisque fired and glazed in her own time over the summer break. It was a joy to work with such an expert, enthusiastic and encouraging tutor.


Geoff and I attended our first class this morning with Lara and we both had a thoroughly enjoyable time! She’s a lovely person and a great teacher – at once instructive, encouraging and full of good suggestions.


A fabulous studio with expert tutors, creating stylish contemporary ceramics.


Fabulous teaching, warm welcome, beautiful location and spacious studio.