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Porcelain Throwing

Suitable for Intermediate to Confident Makers

A 5 week Course: Friday 6th January – 3rd February

1pm – 4pm £225: BOOK HERE


Porcelain in one of the finest clays in ceramics and it behaves very differently to other clays. Is temperamental and not the easiest clay to manipulate, but because of properties such as its whiteness and translucency it is very much sought by studio potters.

In this five week course you will gain experiential understanding how to throw porcelain on the wheel. From discussing porcelain’s properties, the importance of preparation, throwing, turning to reclaiming, you will be guided by demonstrations and practical sessions to gain confidence when using this beautiful material.

This course is aimed at those with some experience on the wheel, and not for the complete beginner.

This course is open to adults (18+). The cost includes instruction and the items you make to take home. Refreshments and drinks are also included.

This course is led by Susana Garcia.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a regular weekly class please click HERE

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