This hand building workshop provides a wonderful opportunity for all levels including beginners to come together and have lots of fun, and to enjoy creating and working with clay and colour.

A chance to explore clay through an ancient technique that creates form from a simple block of earth through carving out – “Kuri nuki”.

This traditional method from Japan unusually is subtractive, whittling a slab of clay to obtain small unique vessels using a slow and thoughtful sculpting can be quite challenging but extremely rewarding! Although simple in style it requires patience and a calm methodical approach to making vessels of all shapes, sizes and uses. The focus is on relaxation and crafting asymmetric forms which take on their own character, textures and shape.

Thess half-day workshops are open to adults only and are a fun activity to share with friends or as an individual. The cost includes instruction and materials towards making 2 items, using complimentary and different techniques in each session. Finished pieces will be fired and glazed, ready for pickup in approximately two weeks.

These Saturday half-day hand building workshops are only open to adults from 16+.

These pottery workshops provide a great opportunity for a “Taster Session” if you are contemplating joining a class. There is nothing like a full hands-on experience, working within a group of like-minded people, and getting a good feel for the facilities, energy and atmosphere of the studio.

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