Hakeme Brushwork

Although originally a Korean technique, Hakeme is a Japanese word that translates as ‘brushstroke’. 

Throughout this workshop we will be using a dark clay not normally available in the studio. This clay has a deep contrast between the white slip, as the clay body fires to nearly black. We will create a selection of handmade natural brushes  for you to apply the slip onto your finished pots.

You will make a tea bowl, which you will decorate with the handmade brushes dipped into the contrasting slip, creating texture and movement with spontaneous brushwork.

The teacher will provide a selection of foraged items but you are encouraged to bring a small selection of dried plant life, such as stiff grasses and pine needles for the brushes.

For those of you who attend our regular classes or perhaps work with clay in your own time, these brushes may also be used within your clay creations to create texture and mark making.

Finished pieces will be fired and glazed, ready for pickup in approximately two weeks. Brushes can be taken on the day.

These workshops are open to adults (16+) and is a fun activity to share with friends or as an individual. The cost includes instruction and materials. Refreshments and drinks included.

This workshop is led by Lisa Jones. Lisa is a regular teacher at The Clay Studio.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a regular weekly class please click HERE

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