A Full Day Workshop for intermediate throwers with some experience who wish to improve.

You should be able to centre your clay and have a basic knowledge of throwing.

You will learn to wedge your clay, practice repeat throwing, throwing tall with coils, look at rims, feet, surface and throwing marks using tools. We will also try to address any particular throwing needs you may have on the day, time permitting.

These intermediate throwing workshops are open only to adults (16+), with a maximum of 9 attendees.

You can keep a maximum of 3-4 pots depending on size. Weather permitting, it may be possible for you to turn your pots during the afternoon. We will recycle any other pots you have made.

The pots you keep will be glazed for you and you can pick them up a few weeks later.  For current students at The Clay Studio, you can choose how many pots to keep, with the rest being recycled, and you can turn and glaze these retained pots in your weekly class.

Refreshments included but please bring your own lunch.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a regular weekly class please click HERE

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