During this Hands-On Workshop Emma will teach you the modelling techniques needed for you to make and decorate a whistle from clay.

In 2022 Emma Carlow decided to make a ceramic whistle every day for one year.

Emma was inspired by folk art whistles that she found in the collection at the British Museum. Please join Emma for a half day workshop and learn how to make a ceramic bird whistle, inspired by these examples and whistles from Emma’s collection.

You will make and decorate one or two whistles and you do not need any previous clay experience. This is the perfect introduction to the joy of clay and whistle making.

The stoneware whistles with be coated with underglazes as Emma demonstrates how to decorate your whistle. You will leave your work to be dried out and fired. Your unique whistle can be picked up a few weeks later.

These workshops are open to adults and from aged 11+, and the cost includes instruction, materials and the whistleyou make. Refreshments provided throughout the workshop.

This workshop is led by Emma Carlow. Please click HERE to see examples of Emma’s whistles.

Emma’s an artist, designer and maker based in Lewes, East Sussex.

She is inspired by folk art from around the world and the incredible craftsmanship displayed in objects that people used daily. She is especially intrigued by items people made, either collectively or alone, for celebrations and rituals throughout the year.

Toys are her other passion. From the dolls and animals of ancient Greece and Rome to the Galt toys from my childhood. Emma’s interested in how we represent ourselves and our world in toy form. The designer Alexander Girard once wrote “Toys represent a microcosm of man’s world and dreams. They exhibit fantasy, imagination, humour, and love.” She particularly enjoys making Indian street toys. They are ingenious and Emma likes the way that you can make something delightful from everyday materials.

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